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A love letter and technical guide to saving money, running a more efficient finance department, and predicting the future.

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Analysis! Love.

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"Analysis! Love. is a brief for accountants, analysts, and founders alike. It is a free resource to help strategic business leaders understand changes happening in the world of corporate finance, and learn a few common practices I use with clients to help them save money, be more efficient, and gain visibility into the future. I illustrate four key concepts: First, leaders in any organization need to embrace the power of accounting automation and how it can save the organization money. Second, organizations need to focus more time on "what is going to happen" as opposed to focusing all of their resources on "what happened." Thirdly, bottom-up budget processes create targets for individual functions and tie them to corporate financial goals. Fourth, Excel-based cash flow forecasting tools can show you where you are making money, and where you are losing it. When designed properly, it can also show potential cash issues on the horizon before they occur."

Author: Jimmy Clements, CPA

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