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Cash Flow Forecasting (3.5 hours)

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Overview: Learn how to build a practical 13- to 52-week cash flow forecast that can give you the visibility you need to make better decisions. This introductory course will help you understand the structure, fundamentals, and value that the cash flow forecast model can provide. We'll cover how to build it and why you should be excited to produce each it each week. Yes, each week! This model will become a "rolling forecast" tool you can use with management teams on a weekly basis. We will learn how to translate a Profit & Loss budget model to cash terms and apply "bottom-up" modeling fundamentals to the cash forecasting process. The techniques and methodologies I teach in this course I use with management teams on a regular basis. While there are many software packages on the market to help with cash flow forecasting, I find that Excel can be used effectively to learn the basics of modeling, tell stories and convey complex ideas, and highlight cash flow risks & opportunities to management teams.

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